Shikohroh Chinese cuisine restaurant in Kobe Japan

Shikohroh Restaurant

We are honored that people of Kobe have adopted our authentic Chinese cuisine restaurant. Founded in 1950, Shikohroh initially started by offering traditional Cantonese dishes. Preserving the original cooking methods inherited from our founding father, Shikohroh was able to conserve its popularity among the locals and the tourists. The diverse menu consists on Chinese dishes but it also includes popular local dishes seasoned with our own spices bringing a unique twist on Japanese inspired cuisine as well. Located in Kobe, near the Motomachi station, Shikohroh offers a unique place to sit and enjoy a homely atmosphere.

Flexible takeout service is also available.

The Steamed Meat Bun (Nikuman or Baozi)

Our meat buns are carefully wrapped one by one with love by artisans daily!

When shoved in the mouth, the overflowing gravy will let you taste the condensed flavors, taking full advantage of the ingredients packed in this juicy bun.

The authentic and spot-on flavors of the buns we prepare still attract the experienced customers of Kobe.

Served as a snack or a side dish, the flow of juicy blissful flavors, tightly wrapped in this soft and sticky bun should be enjoyed by all means.


Shikohrohfs meat buns are still prepared in an all homemade fashion.

The genuine taste is directly connected to the artisansf cooking techniques.

Manually hammered, the kneaded dough can breathe moderately, creating the specific texture

We know that itfs better to wrap the buns by hand, with love.

When the dough is steamed, these processes create a unique texture.

The Envelope or Skin of the Bun

Using our own fermentation method, we obtain perfect dough.

The chewy texture is characterized by a nice balance of sweet, sour and salty flavors.

Offering a refined texture and succulent flavors, Shikohrohfs meat buns recipe is a well-kept secret .

The result is a sweet delicate tasting bun.

Filling Ingredients

Only carefully selected domestic ingredients are used in the preparation.

Onions and minced pork are tightly stewed together.

Of course, soy sauce is part of the recipe, but other ingredients have to be kept secret.

These flavorful and secret ingredients are then wrapped in our soft and chewy dough.

Please note that no artificial additives are used in the preparation.


(Address) Motomachi Plaza Bld.1F 2-9-1 Motomachidori Chuoku Kobe Hyogo Japan